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    The Supreme

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    The Supreme put us on the map! Fresh, Non GMO Veggies, clean protein toppings and our all Natural Parmesan Chicken Crust – made without antibiotics or hormones.

    – Personal 5″ Pizzas Individually Packaged in 6 Count Cases
    – Each Pizza ~ 25g Protein, 4g Carbs, Grain Free & Gluten Free

    Choose number of CASES below (Min. 2 cases per order):
      ‣ 2 cases (12 pizzas) = $6.25/pizza
      ‣ 3 cases (18 pizzas) = $5.49/pizza
      ‣ 4 cases (24 pizzas) = $5.00/pizza
      ‣ 5+ cases (30+ pizzas) = $4.75 per pizza


    Shipping FAQs:

    All prices include FREE shipping.  Orders are processed and shipped within 3 business days. All orders are shipped FedEx with 1-4 day transit time (dropped off at doorstep & no signature required).

    Can I order less than 2 cases?
    • Unfortunately, our smallest order quantity is 2 cases (12 pizzas). The cost to ship frozen is prohibitive and the pricing for less than 12 pizzas would be unreasonable — However, we OFFER a 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE as we are confident you will LOVE our pizzas!

    How do I track my package?
    • We will send a FedEx tracking number once the order has been shipped.

    Do you deliver on Weekends?
    • Unfortunately, No. FedEx delivers Monday through Friday.

    Where do you ship?
    • We ship anywhere within the continental United States – We do NOT ship to Hawaii, Alaska or Canada.

    How are the pizzas packaged and shipped?
    • Pizzas are individually flash frozen to preserve freshness, shrink wrapped, and enclosed in our pizza boxes. Pizzas are shipped in a cooler with dry ice to keep frozen. If some dry ice remains in the package, DO NOT TOUCH WITH BARE HANDS.

    How do I store my Pizza and how long will it last in the freezer?
    • Place in the freezer immediately after package is received. Our pizzas have a 365 day frozen shelf life – best by date is also listed on the carton.

    What do I do with the cooler?
    • REUSE IT! We always try our best to minimize our ecological footprint, however in order to get you our delicious Pizza we have to count on you to help us reuse and recycle. Thank you in advance!

    How does the 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed Work?
    • If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with our pizzas (Crazy…we know!!!), we will offer you a refund up to $69.99 (our minimum order size).  For example, if you order an 18ct for $79.99, you would receive a refund of $69.99.  If you ordered a 24ct for $99.99, we would offer a refund of $69.99.

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    1. 5 out of 5


      Delicious! I loved it. Will definitely buy more.

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