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Personal Chicken Crust Pizza

(63 customer reviews)


  • LOW CARB, HIGH PROTEIN: 25g protein and only 4g carbs per pizza.
  • REAL, SIMPLE INGREDIENTS: Gluten-free crust made from antibiotic-free chicken breast, egg and cheese. No added grains, gluten or fiber fillers.
  • 100% LOVE GUARANTEE: If you’re not satisfied, we’ll offer a 100% refund.
  • FREE SHIPPING: Enjoy free 2-day shipping, nationwide.

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PRICING | 6 pizzas per case

  • 1 Case = $49.99 / case ($8.33 / pizza)
  • 2 Cases: $39.93 / case ($6.65 / pizza)
  • 3 Cases: $33.26 / case ($5.54 / pizza)
  • 4+ Cases: $29.99 / case ($4.99 / pizza)
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All prices include FREE 2-day shipping. Orders are processed to ship the next available ship date (ship dates Monday thru Thursday). If order Thurs thru Sunday, Orders ship the next Monday. Orders are delivered with no signature required.

Can I order less than 2 cases?
• Unfortunately, our smallest order quantity is 2 cases (minimum can be met with pizzas and/or enchiladas – so if you order 1 case of pizza and 1 case enchilada, minimum is met). The cost to ship frozen is prohibitive and the pricing for less than 12 pizzas would be unreasonable — However, we OFFER a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE as we are confident you will LOVE our pizzas or enchiladas.

How do I track my package?
• We will send a FedEx tracking number once the order has been shipped.

Do you deliver on Weekends?
• Unfortunately, No. FedEx delivers Monday through Friday.

Where do you ship?
• We ship anywhere within the continental United States – We do NOT ship to Hawaii, Alaska or Canada.

How is the food packaged and shipped?
• Individually flash frozen to preserve freshness, shrink wrapped, and enclosed in our boxes. Then, shipped in a cooler with dry ice to keep frozen. If some dry ice remains in the package, DO NOT TOUCH WITH BARE HANDS.

How do I store my Pizza and how long will it last in the freezer?
• Place in the freezer immediately after package is received. Our pizzas and enchiladas have a 365 day frozen shelf life – best by date is also listed on the carton.

How does the Satisfaction Guaranteed Work?
• If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with our pizzas (Crazy…we know!!!), we will offer you a refund up to $71.92 (our minimum order size).  There is a process that must be completed before returns are offered to ensure feedback is received.


Where are the carbs?:

We use all natural, antibiotic free chicken breast and Parmesan to make our crust or tortilla shells instead of flour, corn, or rice. You’ll never find preservatives or weird sounding ingredients in our items. That’s how we make delicious REAL food with lots of protein and almost no carbs or sugar. Real Food you feel good about eating. Full list of ingredients can be found at

Where can I buy locally?:

We have over 5,000 retail locations in almost every major city. Some of larger customers include Kroger, Walmart, CVS, Ralph’s, QFC, Fred Meyer, Smith’s, Fry’s, Vitamin Shoppe, and more. Find a store near you at

Shipping FAQs:

All prices include FREE shipping. Orders are processed immediately and shipped FedEz on the next available ship date with 2-day Priority shipping. For Example; If an order is placed on a Tuesday, the order would ship Wednesday for Friday. Only exception; If an order is placed on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday, the order will be shipped the following Monday for Wednesday as we do not ship over the weekends.

Can I order less than 2 cases?

Unfortunately, our smallest order quantity is 2 cases (12 pizzas). The cost to ship frozen is prohibitive and the pricing for less than 12 pizzas would be unreasonable – However, we OFFER a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE as we are confident you will LOVE our pizzas!

How do I track my package?

We will send a FedEx tracking number once the order has been shipped.

Do you deliver on Weekends?

We deliver Monday through Saturday to residential addresses,

Where do you ship?

We ship anywhere within the continental United States – We do NOT ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada.

How are pizzas packaged and shipped?

Pizzas are individually flash frozen to preserve freshness, shrink wrapped, and enclosed in our pizza boxes. Pizzas are shipped in a cooler with dry ice to keep frozen. If some dry ice remains in the package. DO NOT TOUCH WITH BARE HANDS.

How do I store my Pizza and how long will it last in the freezer?

Place in the freezer immediately after package is received. Our pizzas have a 365 day frozen shelf life – best by date is also listed on the carton.

What do i do with the cooler?

REUSE IT! We always try our best to minimize our ecological footprint, however, ion order to get you our delicious Pizza we have to count on you to help us reuse and recycle. Thank you in advance!

How does the 100% satisfaction Guaranteed Work?

If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with our pizzas (Crazy…we know!!!), we will offer you a refund up to $69.99 (our minimum order size). We will provide a FedEx shipping label for you to return the remaining pizzas and require a survey to be completed.

63 reviews for Personal Chicken Crust Pizza

  1. Donna C

    OMG!!! These are AMAZING!

  2. A J

    Holt! THANK YOU. We are truly humbled by your review, and can’t thank you enough for giving us a chance 🙂

  3. Jeremy B

    I was skeptical, even after my coach Shaun posted about it on IG…but now I am a believer! I will definitely be ordering more.

  4. Bethany M.

    My 8-year-old son has type 1 diabetes. Typically pizza is one of the toughest foods for people with diabetes as the mix of high carbs and fat makes it tough to dose insulin. With The Real Good Pizza, he can still eat his favorite food with only 4 carbs and have no harmful effects on his blood sugars. And the best part is, he LOVES it!

  5. Danielle B

    Just wanted to tell you how delicious the pizza’s are. Was dubious about them to be honest but absolutely love how filling and tasty they are!! Amazing product and will be a customer for life!

    Have been telling everyone I know how great they are and even my three hungry boys love them! This is a total winner for me….thank you!

  6. Patrick D.

    I received my first order of pizza a week ago, and have just two words: Game changer!! The taste is unbelievable, and the fact I don’t feel ‘heavy’ afterwards is the biggest plus. When will you offer a subscription?!?!

  7. Megmo7

    The most adorable bebe flying saucer of a personal pizza that’s been crash landing into my face pretty much every other day lately. I LOVE IT!

  8. Tammy L

    OMG! These are soo amazing and YUMMY!

  9. Kelly Laurie

    As another type 1 diabetic parent, these are amazing. My daughter loves them. They are the new school lunch standard.

    • A J

      We are so happy your daughter loves our pizza 🙂

  10. Jean


    • A J

      Jean – THANK YOU! 🙂

  11. Yuliya

    So tasty!! The shipping was fast and well packed.
    Now the excellent part: the product. SUCH good quality and so tasty. Will definitely be purchasing again. Thanks so much for this new staple in my everyday meal. Who would have thought while cutting pizza was possible as an everyday food? Well now it is!

    • A J


      WOW. Thank you for your kind words. So glad we can be part of your life 🙂

  12. Renee

    Completely amazing! We are living a low carb lifestyle and this is a fabulous “real” pizza we just love. One of my best new food discoveries! I couldn’t wait for my extended family to order as well. Filling, great texture, great taste..GREAT taste.. simple to prepare in microwave…..these are prefect in every way. And Customer support is super as well. Great Product + Great Service! You will NOT be sorry for trying these!

    • A J

      Renee…Wow, THANK YOU for your kind words. This comment seriously made our day 🙂

      Please reach out anytime.

  13. Ellen S.

    Dieting and pizza are two words that have never been in the same sentence for me until now. This is a quilt free way to eat pizza. The pizza is very very good. I’ve tried all different kinds of “healthy” pizza but this is the only pizza that actually fits into my macros. My only suggestion would be selling a larger size pizza so I can share with my boyfriend.

  14. Kirollos (KG) Guirguis

    As a type 2 diabetic, low carb and high protein is the absolute most desired diet. Unfortunately, that always meant no pizza for me…and that’s sad! Now I’m not sad any more! Real Good Pizza…is real good! I love everything about it and now I can eat pizza again without the glucose spike! That’s a major win win! Real good pizza co, Thank you for this! 🙂


    YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING!!! I was so skeptical trying these pizzas out for the first time. I saw these on an IG’ers page that I follow and decided to give them a try. I am so glad I did! These pizzas are so delicious and I can’t believe how great the macros are! Finding this amazing product has really improved my diet/meal plan…it feels like cheating! Real Good has a customer for life!


    You have officially saved my cheat day!! I’ve tried all the varieties and I love them all. I pop them in the toaster oven when I’m feeling hungry in between meals and they hold me over.

  17. Pmccarroll23

    This pizza gives you the perfect amount of fullness without hating yourself for eating unhealthy! And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better the pizza gets to your front step within 2 days! I highly recommended giving it a try!!

  18. Jean

    I was very skeptical about this product but the moment it arrived I made one. They are delicious. You need to try them because they make a great snack or meal.

  19. John

    I have been going high protein – low carb for 7 months, and working out pretty dang hard. I’ve lost 71 pounds (267 to 196). These pizzas…all of them…are like a unicorn! I knew what I wanted (hot food, great taste, high and quality protein, and minimal carbs)…but didn’t know it existed. Until now! I’m serious…you all have hit this one out of the park…with the bases loaded!

  20. Jodi

    These pizzas are so good! Love having pizza that tastes good and makes you feel good. My fiancé and I love them. He loves supreme & I love the three cheese. Awesome customer service to AJ and the team. Hope you keep growing and expanding! Much love

  21. Amy

    THIS is the way to have your cake and eat it too. Or in this case, PIZZA! When I decided to start living a low carb lifestyle, I knew that meant giving up certain things. Well, I don’t have to give up pizza any longer! This is a delicious alternative to the traditional carb filled greasy junk you order from down the street. Though you might think one is too small, I assure you it will satisfy your craving, guilt free. The crust they created is genius. No, it doesn’t exactly taste like traditional old pizza crust if that’s what you’re thinking. But it works. And it’s good. I was sold after the first bite. A quick, easy grab from my freezer for a snack or addition to my meal when I don’t feel like cooking! Try it…you won’t be sorry.

  22. Lisa

    I love being able to make this when the rest of my family has pizza! They are easy to cook and taste really good. It may not taste truly like a traditional pizza, but it really is good. I have only tried the supreme.

  23. rengob_nor

    Received my order and I am VERY thankful for your product. I can now enjoy pizza again!! I do feel like money is wasted on the packaging. I don’t need individual boxes. A few cases of plastic wrapped pizzas might be more cost effective.

  24. Q Sidler

    Wow this pizza is pretty amazing. I am shocked by how much it tastes like a normal pizza. I had my doubts but I decided it doesn’t hurt to try and it has certainly paid off. I’m trying to eat healthy while pregnant but literally cannot stomach anything except pizza and pasta. This will be a lifesaver!

  25. Diane

    This is so good I could eat it everyday! I love everything about them. The packaging is great and the shipping is fabulous.The pizza is AMAZING!!!! This is my second order because I can’t stand the thought of running out of them. My husband and daughter who are not diabetic love them too so I have to share.LOL.

    • A J

      This made my day! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  26. Lynae Moody

    So do they taste like chicken?

  27. roger.rossjr

    Omg and chuckles. This was the reaction that my wife and me shared on our first bite. Right now I feel this pizza taste way too good to be true lol. I ordered 3 boxes of supreme and will be ordering the 3 cheese very soon. Big ups to Real Good Foods and living up to the name. Btw, the pizza taste like a top frozen pizza brand and the chicken crust reminds me of a thin crust mix with a hand tossed crust.

  28. Kayla

    I am still so amazed by your product- what a perfect bariatric meal! I’m having a “treat”with the same stats as a protein shake – and is pizza!! Great packaging, fast shipping, and an A+ product. You’ve made me a believer! Now I just want more options!

  29. John R Garland

    72 years old
    Just started Atkins diet and with these ? surely will lose the weight needed to reach my goal.
    Another tool in my diet tool box,thanks for your great ?? products.

  30. Cathilina

    This pizza is amazing. Thank you for creating such a great lunch choice at a decent price. I will definitely buy again and I am spreading the word.

  31. Marie

    I had my first personal pizza today for lunch. Delicious!
    Not only tasty but perfect macros for my Ketogenic woe. Packs nicely in my lunch box and very filling.: can’t believe the crust is made from chicken – very pizza crust-like. Thanks for a great product!

  32. Jennifer

    As a bariatric patient, I am on a low fat, low carb, high protein lifestyle. I have not had pizza in over a year. This is a dream come true, and the best part is I’m not cheating. It tastes amazing and has everything I need in a meal. Thank you for this wonderful pizza. I do hope more options are in the works, as I will definitely buy again. I have also told many fellow bariatric patients about these, and many plan to order. Love the versatility in preparation and that I can just grab one out of the freezer to take to work.

  33. Daisy

    Just tried these today for the first time. Yummy!! Very flavorful & filling! The consistency of the “crust” is awesome!

  34. DDM

    I saw your Facebook page and it peaked my interest. Went online to your store locator. I purchased the pepperoni and supreme pizzas to try from a local store. Can you say simply delicious! I will be going back to purchase more. I’ll even try the cheese pizza. I’ve told several of my family and friends. Can’t wait to see them in the larger size you mentioned that will be in Kroger stores!!!

  35. Anne

    It is so hard to find low-carb food that is delicious. THIS is delicious. It is hard not to feel guilty after eating because it tastes like “real” pizza. Hoping you can expand your products out to larger stores. (Costco, Kroger brand stores, Safeway, etc.) Can’t wait to see what other kinds of foods you come up with next!

    • A J

      Launching our large pizzas into Kroger in April! Thanks for being an amazing customer!

  36. Stuart Haas

    Love the pizza. Tastes great!I would like to see the vegetable oil replaced with a natural fat instead. I’d feel more comfortable with that.

    • A J

      Thanks, Stuart! Your feedback is VERY much appreciated and will definitely be discussed. So happy to have you as part of our #realgoodfam! Reach out anytime 🙂

  37. Erika Cantwell

    I Love your pizzas! So delicious and satisfying!! They are a life and time saver for me! Thank you!

  38. Luli

    Just bought two at a local CrossFit gym. Wow! I’m impressed. I have a freezer and little oven available at work. I’m just waiting to order this for a three day training event for when they order pizza for us. Well, I’m allergic to wheat and have adapted to a lchf lifestyle.

  39. Cait Robertson (The Macro Experiment)

    BEST PIZZAS EVER!!!!!!!!

  40. pabpaj

    LURVE these pizzas! Just got my first delivery of these delicious grain-free (low carb high protein) pizzas this morning! Cooked my first supreme pizza in the microwave (following the instructions) and it was DELICIOUS & FILLING! I knew these are small pizzas from the description on the website. I wasn’t sure eating one would fill me up as a meal with a side salad. Perfect. Real Good Pizzas ROCK! I can now get my Pizza Fix (which is awfully hard when you are diabetic) and know that my blood sugar will stay within the proper limits. YAY!!!! Really looking forward to the debut of the breakfast pizzas and the 7″ version! 🙂

  41. Pamela

    Just tried this, I microwaved it and couldn’t get over the wet texture of the “crust” but I’m definitely going to give it another go making it in the oven to see if I can’t get a crispy crust texture, but will definitely say the taste itself is pretty good otherwise I wouldn’t be giving it another chance.

    • Vasa Martinez

      Thanks for the feedback! We also recommend finishing up on a nonstick pan for 1-2 minutes to crispen the crust. It’s game changing!

  42. Mary Braswell

    I received my pizzas yesterday. They were packed in a very safe manner, I was a little concerned about that.
    I tried one today and I was very pleased with taste and texture. I purchased all three types and had a pepperoni
    today, can’t wait until tomorrow to try the cheese. They are small, which I expected but the best low carb food I have
    ever tried. I hope you sell a ton of these pizzas. I don’t want them to go away.

  43. Charity Meadows

    We absolutely LOVE Real Good Pizza! I have a Type 1 diabetic and we are so thankful he can eat real pizza without a spike in blood sugars!! Great job guys for making a tasty pizza and meeting the needs for those who want to eat healthy!!

    • Vasa Martinez

      Aww that’s amazing to hear! Thank you so much for the note! Welcome to the fam.

  44. Kerri

    I’ve been wanting to try for ages and Just found this at my local Kroger’s store. So amazingly delicious! As a recent WLS patient who cannot have carbs anymore (so therefore no regular pizza) it Tastes just like real pizza! Thank you for this bariatric friendly treat!

  45. Yvette

    WOW!!!! SO AMAZING!!!! Got mine at my local Kroger grocery store. Thank goodness I can buy these locally now so when I run out and forget to order; I can run down the street and grab more. Thank you for making such and awesome pizza. My cheat meal is pizza on Sundays and now I don’t have to feel so guilty about eating pizza.

  46. Heather

    Very good, will definitely order again

  47. lizrn87120

    I just came of Nutrasytem and was successful . I’m on maintenance now and this is a perfect. The pizza tastes EXCELLENT! Will be reordering every month .

  48. Noelle

    Can these be cooked in the microwave?

    • Vasa Martinez

      Yes, per the back panel instructions that’s totally ok. We recommend finishing up on a nonstick pan for 1-2 minutes after. 🙂

  49. cheryl church

    I usually make my own crust, but sometimes I just don’t have the time (or the motivation!!), so these are great! Thank you…YUMMY addition to a low carb/carb free lifestyle!

  50. Donna

    I had weight loss surgery 8 weeks ago and when I saw these I was skeptical because I am particular about sauces being Italian. But I missed pizza so much that I had to order. I am so happy I did. I love love love the pizza! I had a friend at work try them and she loves them too and will be ordering too. Thank you so much for creating these pizzas 🙂

  51. Scott

    Really enjoyed them. Sodium seems a bit high but that’s usual with frozen items. I really enjoy the amount of protein and carbs. You should do a BBQ chicken pizza version and make it WITHOUT onions but add bacon bits. Everyone else ruins their BBQ Pizza versions with those and yours would stand out.

  52. Pam

    Found them at my local Kroger…amazing! They didn’t have the Supreme, but maybe another Kroger will have that one. Happy to hear you will also be in Fresh Markets. Thank you for these WONDERFUL low-carb pizzas!!

  53. Leslie

    Mom of a newly diagnosed Type 1 diabetic teenager. As if that didn’t suck enough, his favorite food pizza has been virtually off-limits because of how it messes with his blood sugar. Just discovered this and am amazed by how good it is. It may seem like a small thing, but to us this is huge! Thrilled to have pizza that he can enjoy stress free. This is big. I could literally cry happy tears right now! 🙂

  54. Dunia

    Love the pizza !
    Taste and texture excellent!
    My only concern is the amount of sodium, it taste great but on the salty end of the scale.
    Otherwise I’m very satisfied with the product.

  55. Laura

    These Pizzas are sooo dang delicious!! I have tried the pepperoni and cheese both cooked in the oven. So so yummy and crisp, I buy them from the Houston Total Nutrition in Midtown. Going to start buying my own cases because I am literally stalking the store for more. Such a great “treat” for those who are doing low carb and a higher protein diet.

  56. Kim

    I’m confused. Your website says eac pizza has 4 carbs and 25 g of protein. Yet, on the actual box it says that is per serving, and a serving is a half of a pizza. So if the box is correct, each pizza has 8 cards, 50 g of protein, 520 calories, and 32 g of fat. Is that correct?

  57. Diane

    These are delicious. I had WLS surgery in April and miss my pizza. But no more, enjoyed a three cheese one yesterday. Can these be cooked in an air fryer? What temp and time would you recommend? Thanks for the help

  58. Misty

    Ok, so here is my honest thought. The first time I cooked the supreme pizza, I cooked it in the oven per the instructions (leaving the cardboard under the ). Once I took it out of the oven the crust had a wet consistency and I did put it in a non-stick pan, it was ok. I want to try cooking it in the over with out the cardboard and directly on the rack. I also, cooked it in the microwave and still had the same wet crust problem and once again put it in the pan to crisp up the bottom. Crisping the bottom seems to workout better when cooked in the microwave and after it has cooled a bit. I will be getting this pizza again, it does have a good flavor and the carb and sugar numbers are amazing. I just need to figure out how to best cook it for me. Update: Today I cooked the pizza in the microwave and toasted it in the skillet, put it in a Ziploc and reheated it for lunch it really did turn out GREAT! Just have to get that crust dry. Thank you for a unique product that is healthy and curbs the cravings. Well done.

  59. Monique

    Holy Toledo! My husband has severe celiac disease and his favorite foods before were pizza and burritos (yet somehow he’s always had a six pack… I’m working on studying his blood) and we get pizza sometimes, more of it is for science experiments at this point, but most of the time our experiments fall flat and we are left disappointed and me sneaking pizza hut pizzas from him (I’m horrible! I’m so ashamed!) but this pizza experiment had a completely different outcome. My mouth is still talking about the party it had that I was actually invited to. It was an actual party in my mouth, that doesn’t happen often (keeping it PG here) but it did and I’m so grateful it did and so I have you to thank for that. Anyone who says these pizzas aren’t amazing AF are lying to themselves and the world, and they cannot sit with us.

  60. Wendy Harvey

    I was skeptical, but now I’m a believer. I ordered a case of the “real” pizzas and they are just delicious. I’m a diabetic and NO SPIKE in blood sugar after eating these. I was so happy I ordered a case of the new Breakfast Pizzas and ALSO awesome. Because the crust is protein not flour, one is quite enough – but even two would not break the carb bank at dinner. I can’t *imagine* eating 3, I would be too full, but you COULD even if you are trying to stay at 12 carbs for that meal. I gave all of my family *one* taste (they are MINE) and all agreed they were great. THANK YOU REAL GOOD FOODS!

  61. Matthew

    I really like these pizzas. I generally follow a low-carb/ketogenic style diet, and it’s awesome to have foods around that substitute for my bad carb-laden, unhealthy craving foods. These are pretty easy to make and taste great. Also, I love it when a company has good customer service. I had an order mix-up, and when I called customer service, someone answered promptly without any menus, and resolved the issue 100%.

  62. Samantha

    I really love these pizzas and they are perfect for my lifestyle! The only question I have is why does the website say a whole pizza is a serving and on the box is says only a half a pizza? I would really like to know which serving size to go off of. Otherwise the pizza is great and tastes amazing!

  63. Mark brackin

    WE love your pizza. Its the first pizza we have had in nine months, after our doctor told us we had to go low carb to control our blood sugar.

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